Laura Schmitz


Brandon DeAngelo

Laura Schmitz and Brandon DeAngelo

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Our Story

Laura and Brandon’s love story began in November of 2017. They were introduced through friends who thought they’d be a good match for each other. Unlike many other blind dates, this one turned out to be a bit different.

Prior to their first date they spoke on the phone for several hours. When they met in person, that chemistry and compatibility became more apparent than ever. Things just felt natural pretty much immediately. They decorated Brandon’s palm tree for Christmas, drank moscow mules at their now favorite local dive bar, and watched the Packers lose to the Steelers. Brandon still brings this unfortunate loss up to Laura to this day! Following that first date they were inseparable. They quickly became ingrained in each other's lives along with their family and friends. More than anything, family has always been at the center of their relationship.

They are both open minded, curious people which makes them always down for an adventure. Their love and passion for life is something they never take for granted. Some of their favorite activities include kayaking, traveling, trying new foods and recipes, sharing a bottle (or two) of red wine, and enjoying all that Minnesota has to offer. They love weekends when they get to travel, but cherish the weekends spent at home. Shortly after Laura moved in with Brandon she convinced him to go look at puppies. A week later, Leo became the center of their lives and now goes everywhere with them.

Brandon proposed to Laura on July 4th, 2020 while they were up north in Grand Marais. Following dinner on the lake, they hiked up Honeymoon Bluff Trail where he popped the question. During the hike it was storming and thundering all around them, but the rain held off until Brandon got down on one knee. It was truly magical and Laura couldn’t have imagined saying anything, but yes!

You might be asking yourself 'why Pensacola'? Laura and Brandon have always shared a love for the ocean and sunshine. Florida was one of their first ‘real’ vacations together as a couple. During the first day of their vacation while drinking coronas on the beach soaking up the sun they knew it was where they wanted to get married someday. It was where they’ve felt happiest and wanted to share this special, hidden gem with their closest friends and family. They wanted to get married in a place that instantly felt like home.

What are Laura and Brandon’s future plans after the wedding? Well they both believe you can’t plan things in life and have to take them as they come, but ideally they’ll be moving somewhere with a little more sunshine and a lot less snow. They plan to buy their first home, continue with their careers, and hopefully continue to add to their little family.
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